The Iconic Monkey Head: Paul Frank by Fahad Scale

by @anthony Post date: 27/08/2018

After a long hiatus in this blogsphere, I make a come back! Want to manage it all again like it used to. Wohoooo welcome back then! Weekend is where people can enjoy spend the day in bed, but this time not for me 🙁 I bounced from meeting to meeting, from coffee shop to cafe, finishing my unfinished business.

Sometimes I don’t have enough time to shop in actual store, because I’m kinda busy with meeting. You already know that the traffic in Jakarta is so freaking bad. LUCKY AND HAPPY, nowadays generation can experience online shopping everywhere. I found to shop my looks here. The iconic monkey head sweatshirt and jogger line pants which is Paul Frank’s signature. On the wesbite you can also buy another brand like Keds, ProKeds, Wakaii, Sperry, etc. is strive to be on of the most recognizable e-commerce in Indonesia and they aim to be a fashion guideline for fashion enthusiasts. I give you a reason why you have to keep your money in your bank account, because their official website is about to launch in September!

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Photos and images are courtessy of Fahad Scale

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