Versatile Shoes by Ravi Agustiana

by @anthony Post date: 16/08/2018


This place is so dusty :p It’s been a long time, how y’all doing?

Hopefully you are having a great day after reading this post. Just want you to know, I’ll probably will update some of my portfolio here on my Blog. As fashion stylist personal, or as commercial fashion stylist.

But before that, I would like to tell you about how I love wearing sneakers these days. The one that we usually wear in high school or junior high school as uniform shoes. But thank God, I found these cool sneakers, but still has a little statement that makes it cooler than others, it is PRO-keds!

Ok the reason why I love using this kind of sneakers recently it is because it’s versatile. You can use it in every kinda style.

If you guys are wondering where I could get these sneakers. Yess, I’ll be very happy to tell you that you can buy PRO-keds soon on website

A little sneakpeek before its launching on September in Indonesia, On Mezzo itself is an Official Online store for shoes brands such as; Wakai, Keds, Paul Frank, Sperry and soon to be announced (psst you can follow their instagram here: to more update about it).

Oh, you know what? I probably will post some guideline from a lot of style in hope that could inspire you when you wear a sneakers!

Till then, adios 😉

Photos courtesy of Ravi Agustiana

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